Uniforms Inclusion, Inquiry, Responsibility

Lands' End is our uniform vendor.uniform   Every uniform purchased from Lands' End provides us with a 3% donation. This could really add up for our school. Note, families can purchase school uniform pieces at any store/vendor that you wish. Please use the Lands' End website's images as guide.

The academic uniform is as follows:

Black Tops
polo shirt (short- or long-sleeve)
sweater or cardigan (without hoods)

Tan Khaki Bottoms
shorts (at or below knee)
skirts or jumpers (at or below knee) - Please encourage students to wear tights or shorts under skirts.

comfortable with a good grip
without heels or heels that make excessive noise
without lights or wheels

The physical education uniform is:

Black t-shirt or sweatshirt (without hoods)
Grey Bottoms (shorts at or below knee or sweatpants)

Please note, school logos are not a required part of the uniform.

We do not have access to lockers nor changing time. Therefore, students must come dressed in their physical education uniform. Elementary students have physical education two times per week. Middle school students have physical education, three times per week. During the first week of school, you will be informed about your child's physical education days.

Elementary Campus
28-37 29th Street, 4th Floor
Astoria, NY 11102
718.626.8502 (main) 718.626.8508(fax)
Middle School Campus
31-51 21st Street, 5th Floor
Long Island City, NY 11106
718.726.0960 (main) 718.726.0949 (fax)